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Natalia Buchajska

Hi! I'm Natalia! I started Paved Path at MIT. Just last year, I applied to US and UK universities from Poland and faced, like many, overworked college counselors, overpriced private tutors, and frustrations about lacking connections to students at my dream universities. I ended up working with "experts" who discouraged me from applying to technical schools or discounted my experiences. I was lucky to have my sister guide me through the process, and recently, I helped my brother! 


Coming to MIT, I heard many of my peers sharing similar stories and struggles of a lonely and confusing time. Reflecting on my own experiences, I realized I had a privileged experience working with my sister, someone who truly understood the current competitive application process, was compassionate, and did not financially burden my family. So I decided to develop this platform that replicates the model and benefits I experienced to support students everywhere. I am excited to help you all achieve your dreams and see some of you on campus!

If you're a current high school student approaching this difficult period, I'd love to help! Sign up through the free intro call, and I'll guide you through the process from day one.

If you're interested in being a mentor, please fill out this form: I would love to have you on the team! 

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