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Become a Mentor with Paved Path

Do you remember applying to college? The confusion, stress, and lack of support. 
Provoked by the recent Supreme Court decision on affirmative action and our own difficult experience applying to university as international, first-generation, and minority students, we have created Paved Path. We provide quality, empathetic college application mentorship by 50+ top university students attending Ivy League and Russell Group universities (and more to come!).

What makes us unique? 

Our mentors are university students who recently completed the application process and come from diverse backgrounds. We recognize the need for empathetic mentors who shared in the applicant's experiences and understand the increasingly competitive application process.

Become a mentor today! Why?
- Join our efforts to make the university application process more equitable; give back to your own country and community.
- Total flexibility; make your own schedule and choose your advising preferences without any requirements. 
- Connect with other mentors from top universities around the world. 
- As an early joiner, obtain potential leadership roles (looking for university and national ambassadors, content creators, etc).

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