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Meet Our Mentors

Find a student attending your dream university (aka future you)! 

Here is a selection of our 50+ mentors who were accepted into universities from all the Ivy League and Russell Group schools.

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Surya  MIT '26  Material Science and Engineering and Business Analytics, Domestic Student

Anson  MIT '26  Biology and Computer Science, International Student

Arusha  LSE '25 Psychological and Behavioural Science, International Student

Vatsal  LSE '25  BSc Accounting and Finance, International Student

Ryszard  UCL '25  Mechanical engineering, Connected Systems, International Student

Ahmad  LSE '24  Law, International Student

Maya  Imperial '24  Biotechnology, International Student

Justyna  LSE '25  Law LLB, Domestic Student

Sravya  University of Connecticut '26  Allied Health Sciences, Domestic Student

Aubrey  University of St Andrews'27  Classics and French, Domestic Student

Sophie  University of St Andrews'26  Financial Economics and Management, International Student

Janka  MIT '25  Computer Science, Economics, Data Science, (minor) Environment and Sustainability, International Student

Selina  MIT '26  Computer Science, Domestic Student

Alizaye  MIT '24  Math, Domestic Student

Rudiba  MIT '25  Biology, Management, Domestic Student

Rumi  MIT'25  Computer Science, Comparative Media, Business Analytics, Domestic Student

Batisse  Brown '26  Economics and Public Policy, Domestic Student

Donovan  Brown '26  Chemistry and Business Economics, Domestic Student

Cristina  Brown '26  APMA/Economics, Pre-Dental, Domestic Student

Tiffany  Brown '26  Behavioral Decisions Science, Domestic Student

Marlo  Brown '26  Biochemistry / Health and Human Biology, Domestic Student

Tessa  Brown '26  Applied Mathematics-Economics, Domestic Student

Anna  NYU Shanghai '25  Economics, Interactive Media & Business, International Student

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