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Hi everyone! I’m Aleksandra and I am an incoming student in the Brown Class of 2027. My academic passion is neuroscience and more specifically all things related to neurodegeneration, including neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, or Huntington’s disease. I greatly enjoy writing publicly available scientific review articles on all things neuro-related, while also spending time in the lab designing and performing experiments. In my spare time, I do my best to give back to the community by volunteering with different programs providing extensive educational opportunities for children ranging from history to the natural sciences. Finally, I am also a certified rescue diver with over 8 years’ worth of diving experience!

International Student

Neuroscience @ Brown (Incoming Student)

Acceptances: Brown University, St Andrews University, Warwick University

Advising Preferences: General Application Knowledge / Strategy, Activity List / Resume Support, Choosing a University List, Common App Planning, Common App Editing, Personal Statement Planning, Personal Statement Editing, Teacher Recommendation Advice, A-Levels

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