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Hello! I am Braedon Rudolph, a freshman at MIT studying economics and physics. In high school, I played lacrosse (I am a recruit) and football while swimming in the summers. I also competed in speech and debate (humor and duo freshman year and then LD after) and DECA (just senior year but was an international finalist). While I did take many AP classes my sophomore year, I was fully in the IB program junior and senior year. I am huge into weird music (classically trained pianist and sponsored drummer, submitted a symphony as a music supplement) and received Army and Marine ROTC scholarships. I can help you out with anything I've mentioned (sports recruiting, speech and debate, DECA, IB stuff, music stuff, and ROTC scholarships) in addition to organizing your high school class schedule, editing essays, some AP and SAT prep, or even developing a life philosophy! Hope to help in any way I can!

Economics and Physics @ MIT

Acceptances: MIT (Early Action)

Advising Preferences: Common App Planning, Common App Review, IB, AP Classes, Sports Recruitment, Military Advisement

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