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In HS I was Head Girl and part of the Book Club as well as "Sustainable Goals Development" Club. I love English and writing but always had an inkling I'd do Law, and that is what I am doing now :) I was very undecided between that and Psychology or something along the lines of Zoology (I even considered Anthropology/Sociology at one point haha) because I love animals and observing people. But I am happy with my choice and still aim to combine Law and wildlife. I love swimming and used to compete, as well as water polo. I still read a lot for pleasure. I was also part of the school's YouTube channel which was my initiative and turned out very fun - I'm not good at editing but liked being the news anchor :) I lived in Australia for the first 13 years of my life, meaning I am aware of schooling differences but not too familiar with the university processes there.

International Student

International and European Law @ University of Groningen

Acceptances: UK: UCL, Kings College London, University of Bristol, University of Nottingham. Netherlands: University of Groningen, Hague Uni of Applied Sciences, Tilburg University, University of Amsterdam

Advising Preferences: Activity List / Resume Support, Choosing a Major, Choosing a University List, Personal Statement Planning, Personal Statement Editing, IB, Specifically the Cambridge Law Test and Interview

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