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Find a Mentor That Trudged a Path Just Like Yours

Providing quality, free college application mentorship by university students who understand and empathize with the current competitive application process.


What Makes Us Different


We are a team of university students who recently applied and are now attending top universities globally. So we truly understand the current requirements and challenges of the competitive application process.


Everyone's college application story is different; we understand that. Our mentors come from many countries and backgrounds, so they're able to sympathize with your unique experiences. 

No Cost

Most college counseling platforms and tutors start from USD 100/hour! Ours is FREE! Our mentors volunteer their time as they wish to have received the same help.

Meet Our Mentors

Find a student attending your dream university (aka future you)! 

Here is a selection of our 50+ mentors who were accepted into universities from all the Ivy League and Russell Group schools.

How Can We Help ?

College applications are a stressful, lonely, and difficult process and we're here to support you throughout it all! Some things we can help with (but reach out with anything college application related, we are excited to help!):

- General Application Knowledge / Strategy

- Activity List / Resume Support

- Choosing a University List

- Choosing your Major

- Common App Planning and Editing

- Personal Statement Planning and Editing

- Teacher Recommendation Advice

- Standardized Testing

- AP / IB / A-levels Classes

- Scholarships

- Sports Recruitment

- Interview Preparation

- Deciding which University to Attend [or convincing your parents to let you attend ;)]



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